The World’s leading Open-top Bus brand!

City Sightseeing World Wide was created in 1999 in Seville, Spain and still forms the back bone of worldwide operations. Starting with just four cities in 2000 and initially as a joint venture between UK based Ensign Bus and newly established City Sightseeing Spain, City Sightseeing World Wide is now the unrivalled World’s number one Open-Top Bus operator, with quality sightseeing tours in more than 110 locations around the globe and carrying well over 11 million passengers every year,

It is a global brand which brings together the finest operators of Open-top tours from around the world under the one recognizable banner of City Sightseeing, an assurance for bus tours of quality and excellence.

The cheerful and fun Red Open Top Buses are sought after and easily spotted by tourists and visitors at almost all of the World’s top destinations. These tours provide the perfect way to see all the best sights and attractions in each city.  The unique 24 hour ticket over 2 days with the “Hop On Hop Off” facility and a regular bus schedule, means the City Sightseeing passengers can explore each destination at their own leisure and delight.

The Citysightseeing-Athens, Piraeus & Beach-Riviera Lines  operate regularly every day and trace the history and culture of Athens and Attica with a commentary in 12 languages. The story of the Ancient city of Athens, Piraeus and her coastline, from Antiquity right up to modern times, all from the perspective of a bird’s eye view up on top deck, is related in a fun way which gives the passenger both the quirks and interesting little corners as well as factual history.  What’s more it gives the opportunity to save energy for the museums, art galleries, heritage spots and last but not least, the fantastic shopping and swimming!

On our three tours (Athens, Piraeus & Beach-Riviera) there are in total 36 stops that one can Hop On Hop Off  as many times as one wishes, making your ticket a passport to unrivalled freedom. Everybody can choose where and when to hop off at any of the  many stops, to look around and be free to rejoin a later bus of their choice, safe in the knowledge that City Sightseeing keeps a time schedule they can rely upon.